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"The promise we made with "Beauty and the Beast" will be kept, once death is no longer tragedy for us."
- Angela

"我々が”美女と野獣(Beauty and the Beast)”と交わした約束を守る限り、死は悲劇では無くなりました。"

美女と野獣(Beauty and the Beast)は頭から爪先まで茶色の毛皮で覆われた四本足のアブノーマリティーです。薔薇の咲いた二本の下方向にねじれた角があり、数百の緑色の目と、黒色のカマキリのような二本の後ろ足と、先端がピンクの二本の前足、黒色の下腹部、切り詰められたような尻尾、腹側部に二本の赤い線、そして対となる顎があります。右前足は部分的に黒く、色とりどりな斑点があります。この怪物自体は特殊ではありませんが、その活動サイクルに異常性が認められます。

Beauty and the Beast(F-02-44-T) is a quadrupedal Abnormality covered head to toe in brown fur. It has two downward-curled horns sprouting roses, hundreds of green eyes, two black hind legs like those of a mantis, two forelegs with four-toed feet and pink tips, a black underbelly, a stumpy tail, two red curved lines on its sides, and a set of mandibles. Its right foreleg is partially black with flecks of color. The creature itself is not unique, whereas the abnormality in itself is actually the cycle that it carries.

特殊能力 / Ability編集

美女と野獣の特殊能力は”Full Bloom(満開)”であり、連続して暴力が2度行われると発動します。作業員の2度目の暴力が完了すると、美女と野獣は死亡し、収容房内は薔薇に覆われたブドウの木が咲き乱れます。その直後に、作業員の口からは無数の目玉が浮かび上がり、作業員の目玉からは角が芽吹きます。巨大な瞳孔の無い目玉が部屋を覆い尽くし視界を塞ぎ、複数の小さな緑色の瞳孔が目玉内に現れ、強膜(目玉の白い部分)が無くなるまで増殖が続きます。その後、目玉は消滅し、作業員が死亡して新たな「美女と野獣」が作業員の死体から生まれ、死亡サイクルが完了します。このときムードは最大状態になります。

Beauty and the Beast's special ability is "Full Bloom", which activates if violence work is performed twice in a row. At the end of the second violence work performed by an employee, Beauty and the Beast will die, and thorn vines covered with roses will sprout from the ceiling. Simultaneously, bunches of eyes will emerge from aforementioned employees mouth, accompanied by horns sprouting from their eyes. A big blank eye will appear over the room, blocking the visual, multiple small green irises appear on the eye, overwhelming it until there is no sclera left to fill. After a moment, the eye will disappear, the employee dies and a new Beauty and the Beast creature is created from the employee, effectively ending a cycle. Its mood will max out at the end.

Origin 編集

Beauty and the Beast's curse started with the creature being a count, reserved to only live in its castle and never leave. Still, it could hire people to work in the castle. Beauty, a poor woman with green eyes was hired to work in the castle for high wage, but because of the rumor that anyone who enters in the castle is never heard from again, nobody else would accept. As days passed, despite the creature being gentle and giving her the money at the end of each night, Beauty wanted the entire fortune and the castle for herself. She decided to enter to the count's room one day, and stabbed the creature with a knife. But this mistake ended with Beauty becoming the new monster, with the fortune and castle for herself. It's possible that other people, also driven by their own greed, met the same fate before or after the incident of the story.

Where Beauty and the Beast was found and how it arrived in Lobotomy Corporation is still unknown, but if the story isn't fictional, and it is assumed that the creature never left the castle, it's likely that they would have been found in the same castle where the story took place.

管理方法 / Caretaking 編集

Beauty and the Beast responds best to cleanliness and violence. It likes amusements work, and hates nutrition and consensus.

Since Beauty and the Beast's ability activates from repeated violence, it's recommended that players perform cleanliness work instead.

Like all Abnormalities, its energy output changes depending on its mood. It produces a moderate amount of energy when it feels happy or neutral, and drains a moderate amount of energy when distressed.

Beauty and the Beast's mood gauge is divided into 2 sections, distressed and neutral. Under the 70%, it will feel distressed and above it, will be neutral. It only enters in a happy status when its mood reach the maximum.

  • "When Beauty and the Beast was exposed to violence, its mood status dramatically gotten better, and Beauty and the Beast produced energy."
  • "Violence is proved to boost Beauty and the Beast's energy production efficiency while worsening health status."
  • "Beauty and the Beast's health status improved when it was exposed to other types of work instead of violence."
  • "Beauty and the Beast fell to the ground when it was exposed to violence in a row."
  • "A strange phenomenon occurred to an employee who worked on Beauty and the Beast when it was disappeared. A moment later, a new Beauty and the Beast has appeared."

戦略 / Strategy 編集

Beauty and the Beast is an easy Abnormality that doesn't provide much difficulty for the management, since its ability only triggers by doing Violence work twice in a row and can be observed when its about to trigger its ability after the first Violence work.

Beauty and the Beast can increase its mood by doing Cleanliness, Violence and Amusement. Although it doesn't even have a 'happy' mood, it can increase its energy production by performing Violence work and also by entering in 'Mood Rating at its Best.' It deals moderate Compound Damage when work fails, and low level agents tend to get killed when this happens without Observation Levels.

Its ability, Full Bloom, only can occur by the mistake of the player or being unaware of it, by sending agents to perform Violence work twice in a row. When ending the second work, Beauty and the Beast will die and the employee who performed it will suffer the curse, becoming the new Abnormality. It will Max out its mood for a while but is not worthy to lose one agent for triggering that, becoming worse when the agents are of a higher level. The best way to produce a great amount of energy with it is by performing Violence and then any other work which will increase its mood, and repeat. Since the Abnormality doesn't breach, there's nothing else to worry about when entering in a bad mood, except for energy being drained.

観測 / Observations 編集

観測レベル 作業速度 気分値減少 基礎気分値



好みの理解 エネルギー生産の把握
0 +0% -0% 15% 0 0 None None
1 +10% -15% 20% 1 2 +  アブノーマリティの名称 + リスクレベル 大好き: 暴力 嫌い: 交信

上機嫌 / 普通: 標準+ 不機嫌: 標準-

2 +10% -30% 25% 2 3 + 画像 好き: 娯楽 嫌い: 栄養 None
3 +20% -30% 35% 5 + 名称 11 大好き: 清潔 None

最終観測 / Final Observation 編集










私にはナイフがない この問題は死によって解決できない
『嘘つき。私知っているのよ、あなたがいつでも好きな時にそのポケットからナイフを引き抜くことができるって。』 『そんなこと関係ない。今この瞬間も私は苦しんでいる。この終わらない痛みに比べれば死んだほうがマシよ』



約束しない。 約束する。
『ちっとも自身がないのね。あなたには私を刺す勇気も、このくびきから解放する能力ものない。』 『そう、私はここで死を待ち続けます。』



エンサイクロペディア / Encyclopedia Description 編集

ファイル:Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 10.48.49 PM.png
  • "Beauty was a woman with beautiful green eyes. Also, she was very poor. One day, she had a job. High wage for those who work at the count's house."
  • "There was a rumor about count that he is a monster and anyone who entered his castle is never heard from again."
  • "This dreadful monster must have eaten all those people,' she thought, and carried a sharp knife in her pocket."
  • "The woman worked in the count's house. Though she could not see the monster himself. When the night comes with pitch-black darkness, the monster talked to her. Contrast to her belief, his voice was very gentle and he gave her a lot of money."
  • "As days passed, a greed has risen inside of her heart. 'If that count dies, this house and its fortune will be mine!'"
  • "One day, she walked into the count's room which she was told not to enter during the day. The count's appearance was horrifying. Hundreds of eyes, four legs, he was not human nor a beast."
  • "The woman thought, 'It is better for the world to get rid of this dreadful monster'. She stabbed the monster with her knife."
  • "However, surprisingly, the monster started laughing."
  • "'What's so funny?' Even before those words escaped her mouth, her body started changing. Hundreds of eyes, four legs, furs sprouting out from her skin. In the end, she looked just like the monster she stabbed."
  • "Now, the castle and the fortune were hers."
  • "...There is a rumor, anyone who enters the count's castle will be never heard again."

フレーバーテキスト / Flavour Text 編集

  • "Beauty and the Beast is looking for someone who can lift its curse."
  • "The curse cannot be lifted, it only repeats"
  • "Death is another delight of birth"
  • "Beauty and the Beast thinks its appearance is dreadful and trying to destroy itself."

余談 / Trivia 編集

  • Beauty and the Beast's name is an obvious reference to the French fairy tale written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve.
  • Beauty and the Beast's eyes color probably were inherited by Beauty, who also had green eyes, mentioned in the encyclopedia entries.
  • The rumor claimed that all who entered the castle died, meaning it may be possible that something in Beauty and the Beast compels people enter to kill it, but the most probably reason is for greed, to stay with the fortune, like in Beauty's story.

ギャラリー / Gallery 編集