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Employees in Main Department Room

コントロールチームの部門メインルームにいる職員Employees in the main department room of the Control Team



- ある職員

"Since the salary is high, our corporation isn't that bad... except the fact it is dangerous, suspicious and strenuous."
- An employee

職員/employees はLobotomy Corporationで働いている人々であり、 アブノーマリティと対話するためプレイヤーの主なツールです。 現時点では、 エージェント事務員の2種類があります。



The employees are the people working for Lobotomy Corporation, and are also the player's main tool to interact with the Abnormalities. There are 2 types of employees at the moment: Agents and Clerks.

Agents are controlled workers and can be identified by their suits, depending on which department they are designated, the player can order them to do works, observations, they can be promoted and also suppress others employees or Abnormalities in the time is needed. They have stats that must be consider when sending them to do a work with an Abnormality. They can suffer Physical Damage, which may kill them if their health gauge is fully depleted; and Psychological Damage, which may affect them differently depending of the cases, but they tend to panic and will became unusable until back to normal. Agents can be hired at the start of a new day for 4 Lob Points or the player can hire a Custom Agent for a higher price.

Clerks are generated employees, wearing other suits to don't confuse them with agents, who seem to wander around the facility, taking care of it instead interacting with the Abnormalities. The player can't control these employees but Abnormalities might affect them too, like when attacking, becoming the target of an effect or through mental damage.

部門 / Departments 編集

主な記事: Departments


現在7つの部門、チームがあり、それは次の順に解除されます:コントロールチーム, 情報チーム, 安全チーム, 教育チーム, 中央本部チーム, 福祉チーム, 懲戒チーム

Main article: Departments

The agents are assigned to different departments or teams, where they work with the Abnormalities. The player can choose which agent is assigned to the available departments when starting a new day. There's a maximum of 5 agents per team. Their uniform changes depending of the department where they're assigned.

There are 7 departments/teams currently, and are unlocked in the next order: Control Team, Information Team, Safety Team, Education Team, Central Command Team, Welfare Team, and Disciplinary Team.

 作業 / Works 編集

One Sin Consensus Task

エージェントがOne Sinに交渉作業を行っている。An agent, doing a consensus work with One Sin


There are 6 different works to interact with Abnormalities, but only 3 can be performed by an agent. These works are Nutrition, Cleanliness, Consensus, Amusement, Violence and an extra special work, depending of the Abnormality. These works affect the mood of the Abnormality, improving them or depleting them. The change of mood will always happen when the work is finished or interrupted. The player can cancel the work they are going to do by clicking in the room of the Abnormality before the agent arrives in the room.

Icon Work 作業(MOD) Description
Icon Nutrition
Nutrition (Nourishing) 栄養 (栄養) 「特別な食事をアブノーマリティに与える。それが何であるか具体的に知らないようにするのが全員にとって一番良いでしょう。それは口があるどんな生き物にも与えられます」

"Special food is provided to Abnormalities. It's best for everyone not to know specifically what it is. It's give to any creature with a mouth."

Icon Cleanliness
Cleanliness (Cleaning) 清潔 (清潔) 「アブノーマリティにとって収容所を快適にするために一生懸命作業してください。ここでいう"快適(pleasant)"という言葉は清潔以上の意味があります」
"Do work hard to make the containment room pleasant for Abnormalities. The word "pleasant" here means more than cleanliness."
Icon Consensus
Consensus (Communing) 交信(交信) 「アブノーマリティと会話するなど、さまざまな手段でアブノーマリティとやりとりしてください。思考力のあるアブノーマリティにしか使えません」
"Try to interact with Abnormalities by various means such as talking to them. It will work only for Abnormalities who have the ability to think."
Icon Amusement
Amusement (Amusing) 娯楽 (娯楽) 「アブノーマリティと楽しい時間を過ごしてください。しかし、アブノーマリティはここで楽しいとは思えないかもしれません」
"Have a good time with Abnormalities. But Abnormalities may not have fun here."
Icon Violence
Violence 暴力 「うまく対処のできないアブノーマリティ達がいます。それでは、厳しく扱う以外選択肢がありません」
"There are Abnormalities who can't stand being treated nicely. Then, you have no choice but to treat them harshly."

観測 / Observation 編集

Observation Work

観測作業か行われているObservation Work being performed

Icon Observation

作業した後、またはアブノーマリティを鎮圧した後、アブノーマリティの部屋の側面に観測作業ボタンが現れます。プレイヤーはそれをクリックして観測を行うエージェントを送れます。観測には成功のチャンスがあり、すでに行ったものが次第に増えれば増えるほど、次のものは成功することが難しくなります。観測が失敗した場合、アブノーマリティの気分は減少し、再試行には60秒が経過しなければなりません。失敗するごとに、成功の見込みが増えます。観測の回数はアブノーマリティによって異なる場合があります。 それぞれの観測は、それぞれのアブノーマリティを持つ作業を行う際の成功の機会を増やし、能力とエンサイクロペディアの項目の説明を追加するだけでなく、気分低下率を減らします。 最終の観測(最終観測)は、マネージャー(プレイヤー)により行わなければならなりませんが、あなたが準備ができているか、いないかを選ぶことができます。プレイヤーは、最後の観測を正常に完了するためにいくつかの選択肢を正確に選ばなければなりません。失敗した場合、プレーヤーは翌日に再試行することができます。準備のできていないプレイヤーはその日の他のタイミングに決定することもできます。

After doing works or subduing the Abnormalities, an observation work button will appear in a side of the Abnormality's room. The player can click on it to send an agent to do the observation. Observations have chances of success, and as more are already done, the next ones will be more difficult to succeed. When an observation fails, the Abnormality's mood is decreased and 60 seconds must pass to retry again. After each fail, the success chance of the observation will increase. The number of observations may vary between Abnormalities.

Each observation will increase the chance of success when performing works with the respective Abnormalities, reduce the decreasing mood rate, besides adding more descriptions of their abilities and encyclopedia entries.

The last observation must be done by the manager (player), who can choose if it is ready or not. The player must choose some options correctly to complete successfully the last observation. In case of failure, the player can retry in the next day. Is the player isn't ready, he/she can decide in other moment of the day.

特別作業/Special Work 編集

Icon Special


Special work are exclusive for some Abnormalities, under certain conditions. This may produce different effects, like giving a mood boost or to trigger their abilities.






One Sin and Hundreds of Good Deeds "祝福(Blessed)は彼の破戒は赦され、彼の罪をおおいます"

エージェントがこの作業を行うとその体力と精神ゲージがすべて取り戻され、またたった一つの罪と何百もの善 の気分を消耗させます。回復の代わりに、エージェントが物理または精神的ダメージを与えられる小さな機会があります。この特別作業は、たった一つの罪と何百もの善が気分が良い時に使用できます。白夜 がその能力を引き出し、洗礼を受けたエージェントたちすべてが使徒 たちに変身した時、その作業は気分に関係なく利用できるようになります。12番目の使徒がたった一つの罪と何百もの善に告白するなら、白夜は敗北し、すべての使徒は死ぬでしょう。

"Blessed is he whose transgession is forgiven, whose sin is covered."
Using this work with an agent will make it regain all its health and mental gauge, also depleting One Sin's mood. There's a small chance that instead healing, the agent will suffer physical and psychological damage. This special work will be able to use when One Sin is in a good mood. When WhiteNight trigger its ability and all the baptized employees are transformed in Apostles, this work will become available regardless of its mood. If the twelfth Apostle confess to One Sin, WhiteNight will be defeated and all the Apostles will die.

Violet Colored Baptism


Plague Doctor

この作業を使用すると、指名したエージェントが洗礼を受け、「ブレス(神の加護)」という固有の特性を得ることができます。 12人のエージェントが洗礼を受けているとき、白夜 の使徒の一人であることの印でもあります。この作業は常に利用可能ですが、同じエージェントで2回実行することはできません。

Using this work will make than the designated agent to get baptized, obtaining an unique trait named Bless. Is also a mark for being one of the apostles of WhiteNight when 12 employees are baptized. This work is always available but can't be performed with the same agent twice.



Happy Teddy "あなたはテディを抱きしめるべきです。孤独で暖かさを待ち焦がれているからです。たとえあなたがしたくなくても、テディはしたいのです。”


"You should hug Teddy tightly, since it is lonely and longs for warmth. Even if you don't, Teddy will."
Using this work will give a boost of mood to Happy Teddy and more energy if successful. Doing it twice in a row will make it to trigger its ability. This special work can only be performed by Optimist and Pacifist agents.



Magical Girl 「女の子は甘い夢を夢見なければならない。眠っている間に彼女をおろそかにするべきだという意味ではありません」


"The girl must dream a sweet dream. That doesn't mean that you should neglect her while she is sleeping"
Using this work will sedate Magical Girl to sleep. As long she is sedated, her mood wouldn't decrease, but the player can't assign agents to do works in her room. However, the player can still observe Magical Girl when the prompt arises, but this will wake her up. If this work is performed several times in a row, Magical Girl's mood will drop faster once she is awake again. This work can only be performed when her mood is in neutral, and only with Rationalist and Principlist agents.

Evening Twilight


Hammer of Light

この作業を行うと、指名されたエージェントはハンマーを使用して制御不能の戦士に変身し、その収容所ユニットの外にいるアブノーマリティを攻撃し、テレポートし、アブノーマリティの戦いのために自身の複製を生み出します。パニックレベルでなくなると、戦士たちは砂になって消えて、もう使えなくなるでしょう。この作業は、パニックレベル が2以上の場合にのみ使用できます。

Using this work will make the designated agent to use the hammer, transforming in an uncontrollable warrior, which will attack any Abnormalities out of their containment units, teleporting and also spawning duplicates of itself to fight the Abnormalities. Once there's no more panic level, the warriors will turn to sand, disappearing and not able to be used anymore. This work is only available when there's a panic level 2 or higher.



Opened Can of Wellcheers


Using this work will make that the agent drink the soda of the vending machine. This will have different effects when it's in different mood status. When in a happy mood, the blue soda will replenish health and mental gauge. When in a higher neutral mood, the light blue soda will replenish mental gauge. When in a lower neutral mood, the red soda will replenish some of health. When in a bad mood, the blue soda will make the agent fall asleep, and soon it will disappear behind a wave blocking the vision, and will be consider 'Dead'.

Rapture (Pray) 狂喜(祈る)


この作業を使用すると、白夜 の部屋の現在の視覚演出に応じて、エージェントが癒しを受けたり殺されたりすることになります。青の場合は、エージェントが治癒することが保証されます。紫色か赤色の場合は、治癒の代わりにむしろエージェントが殺される可能性があります。この作業は、気分が悪いときと次の命令が視覚効果が時間超過で変化する場合にのみ利用できます:青 - 紫 - 赤。赤い演出がしばらくの間残ってた後に、白夜はその能力を引き出し、脱走します。

Using this work will make that the agent receive healing or be killed, depending of the current visual effect in WhiteNight's room. If is blue, is guaranteed that the agent will be healed. If is in purple or red, there's a chance that instead of healing, the agent get killed instead. This work is only available when is in a bad mood and the visual effects will change overtime in the next order: Blue - Purple - Red. After the red effect remains for a while, WhiteNight will trigger its ability and escape.


Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary


Using this work will show a screen with a maximum amount of 3 different abnormalities breaching at the same moment and with prices below their portrait. The player can select one and after a short moment, Little Red will breach to track and attack that abnormality. Once the abnormality or Little Red is defeated, she will return to her containment room. Little Red can't be suppressed while doing a contract. This work is only available while another abnormality or abnormalities are breaching and when Little Red is in a neutral or good mood. You don't need to send an employee to her containment room when requesting this work.



The Snow Queen


Using this work will let you choose an agent and sent it to fight The Snow Queen to release the frozen employee. This act as a work, and will load the Work Gauge in the process. The success change is determined by the stats of the employees, with a great chance of winning when the employee's stats are of higher level. If the agent wins, the frozen employee is released and both agents leave the containment. If The Snow Queen wins, both employees are killed instead. This work is only available when The Snow Queen has a trapped employee in her containment room.

行動 / Behaviour 編集

基本的行動 / Basic Behaviour 編集

職員は指定された部署のどこにいるのか、主要部門で待つか、「おしゃべり」して施設をさまよいます。 エージェントは、作業の終わりにメインの診療室に行って、もしアブノーマリティにより与えられたダメージあれば、その体力と精神を癒すことができます。

Employees will wander through the facility, in the designated department where they are, waiting in the main department room or 'chatting'. Agents will always go to the main department room at the end of a work, to heal their health and mental gauge, in case of any damage made by the Abnormalities to them.

ライフスタイル / Life Style 編集

Employee UI

Employee UI, of the manual in-game

各エージェントには、独自のライフスタイルがあり、彼らのステータスのいくつかの割合を増減します。 ライフスタイルは、カスタムエージェントまたはスペシャルエージェントを作成するときに選択できます。 いくつかのアブノーマリティは、彼らのライフスタイルに応じていく違った影響を与えます。 レベルアップ時、ライフスタイルが変更される可能性があります。 4つのライフスタイルがあります:





作業速度: -
作業効率: +
回避率: +

"彼らは能力があり、完璧ですが、几帳面すぎます。 彼らは一本のねじが緩んでいることにも耐えられません。"
楽観主義 作業速度: +

作業効率: -
回避率: +

"彼らは作業に熱心で、元気がいっぱいです。 しかし、彼らは細心の注意を払わず、自分自身を過大評価しています。 その結果間違ったことを行います。しばしば虚勢を張るので、人々は彼らが言うことを信じていません。"
平和主義 作業速度: -
作業効率: -
回避率: ++
"彼らは細心の注意を払って安定した作業スタイルを追求することで観客の忍耐力をテストします。 あなたがやりたくないことは、彼らを速く作業するようにせかすことです。それは裏目に出るからです。"
合理主義 作業速度: +
作業効率: +
回避率: --
"彼らは前向きに取り組み、せっかちになりがちです。時々、彼らは良い結果のための規則に違反します。 しかし、彼らは常に最高の結果を生み出しています。目をつぶるのは悪い考えではありません。"

Each agent has an unique Life Style that will boost or reduce the rate of some of their stats. The Life Style can be choose when creating a Custom or Special Agent. Some Abnormalities will affect differently some agents depending of their life style. When they level up, there's a chance that their life style is changed in the process. There are 4 life styles:

Life Style Effect Description

Working speed: -
Efficiency: +
Avoidance rate: +

"They are capable and thorough, but too meticulous. They won't even tolerate a single screw being loose."
Optimist Working speed: +

Efficiency: -
Avoidance rate: +

"They are very passionate about their work and full of energy. But they are not meticulous and overestimate themselves, which results in things going awry. As they often bluff, people don't believe what they say."
Pacifist Working speed: -

Efficiency: -
Avoidance rate: ++

"They test watchers' patience as they pursue a meticulous and stable working style. The last thing you want to do is press them to work fast, because it only backfires."
Rationalist Working speed: +

Efficiency: +
Avoidance rate: --

"They like to come forward and tend to be impetuous. Sometimes they violate the rules for a better outcome. But they always produce the best results, so to turn a blind eye is not a bad idea."

特性 / Traits 編集

特性は、エージェントのステータスを少量で変更することができます。 形質はレベルごとに2つずつ、各レベルで得られます。 (レベル5では、エージェントは10個の特性を持ちます)。既にある特性を持っていた場合、エージェントは同じ特性を2度取得することはありません。 特殊エージェントを作成するときに特性を選択することはできません。 プレイヤーは、エージェント情報にマウスを置くことによって、その特質の情報を見ることができます。

Traits can change in a low amount the stats of an agent. Traits are obtained in each Level, 2 per Level. (At Level 5, the agent will have 10 traits). An agent will never get the same trait twice if it already has one. Trait can't be choose when creating a Custom or Special Agent. The player can see the information of the traits in the Agent Info, by holding the mouse on them.

次のTraits listの訳はLobotomyCorpJPMODv0.8より引用しています。


効果 説明

Abnormality lover


エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+

"Abnormality... so... cute!"




体力+ 精神+ 移動速度+ 作業成功+

"Now I feel that I've slightly acclimated to my work. I thought I was going to go crazy when I first started working."


Active type


体力+ 作業速度+ 攻撃回避-

"Should I go that containment room today?"


Allergic to

体力- 移動速度+ エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避- "Either hamburger or pizza, just pick anything!"



体力- 移動速度+ エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+

"Ugh! Helping yourself before helping others?"


An optimist


精神+ エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+

"So what if I'm slow? I'm good at other things~hehe"


Analytical thinking


精神+ エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-

"Check immediately if there's a problem with energy production."




体力+ 作業速度- 攻撃回避+

"He/She tends to everything in detail. He/She's just slow."




体力+ 精神+

"Arghhh! Every time I have lunch with him/her I think I'll die of awkwardness!!"


Be composed


移動速度+ 作業速度- 攻撃回避+

"Calm down. It's just a kid."




精神- 作業速度+ 攻撃回避-

"Every day is the same. It's such a bore."


Captain of action


移動速度+ 作業速度+ 攻撃回避-

"Actions speak louder than words, right?"




体力+ 作業速度- 攻撃回避+

"It never hurts to be extra careful, I'm just worried that I have so many things to be careful about when I'm walking."




精神+ エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+

"Even talking continuously requires fitness...."


Cold heart


体力+ 移動速度- エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-

"Why do we need to talk when we're walking to work?"




精神+ 作業速度- 攻撃回避+

"It's good that a collected employee doesn't get surprised by an Abnormality running about."




体力+ 精神+ 移動速度+ 作業成功+

"What you've just seen looks like simple but it's actually a combination of 3 techniques."


Concentrating on


体力- 精神+ 作業速度- 攻撃回避+

"Close your eyes and listen to the sound from your psyche."




精神- 作業速度- 攻撃回避+

"Would you to rewind turn back the time? NONONO~this is the best time!"




精神+ 作業速度- 攻撃回避+

"Working like this slows me down but I feel comfortable."




体力+ 精神- エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+

"I...I'm gonna do it, too!!"




精神+ 作業速度+ 攻撃回避-

"How do they extract energy from those monsters?"




移動速度+ エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-

"Determination to hit the nail on the head!"




移動速度+ 作業速度- 攻撃回避+

"The employees ta-da! Are working hard ta-da! as always ta-da!"


Dodge about


移動速度+ 作業速度+ 攻撃回避+

"Move to one side~ to another~"


Easily upset


精神- 移動速度+ エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+

"How come you won't have a meal with me?"




精神+ エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-

"I know the wonders of how these Abnormalities work but because there isn't enough space, I won't describe it in here."




体力+ 移動速度- 作業速度- 攻撃回避+

"Looking at me completing a work in a flash reminds me of this word! Don't you think so?"




体力+ 精神+ 移動速度+ 作業成功+

"You can now get any job as experienced personnel!"


Fake friend


体力+ 精神- 移動速度+ エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+

"This employee has over 10.000 friends on Facebook"


Fluterring heart


体力+ 精神+

"Finally, work day! I'm so thrilled! Pitter-patter~"


Flying squirrel


移動速度+ 作業速度+ 攻撃回避-

"He/She remind me of a flying squirrel when he/she quickly finishes off everything."




移動速度- 作業速度- 攻撃回避+

"Stuffy as though there's a lump in your chest!"




精神- 作業速度+ 攻撃回避-

"He/She has a foul temper. Is being fast all that matters?"




精神- エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+

"Isn't there a day where you really miss someone humane?"




体力+ エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-

"There's still dust here! How many times do I have to tell you that cleaning is really important!"




精神- 移動速度+ 作業速度+ 攻撃回避-

"How lazy!"




体力- 移動速度+ 作業速度+ 攻撃回避-

"Does he/she even think?"




体力+ 精神+ 移動速度+ 作業成功+

"K was attacked during work yesterday. I ran to the infirmary but he was nowhere to be seen."




体力+ 精神- 移動速度+ エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+

"I like this and that, too... which one should I pick?"


Let's go together


移動速度+ エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-

"How come he never goes alone?"


Life of the party エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+ "He/She bring the life to the party. Everyone becomes alive."



精神+ 移動速度- 作業速度+ 攻撃回避-

"I gained momentum through failure?"


Morning person


体力+ 精神+

"I'm good at everything in the morning! Other times. . .um...Haha!"




体力+ 精神- 移動速度+ エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-

"How many people could fit in that narrow mind of yours?"


Nerves of steel


精神+ 作業速度+ 攻撃回避-

"What are you afraid of? She's just a girl."


New employee


体力+ 精神+

"Nice to meet you!"


New world


体力+ 精神+ 移動速度+ 作業成功+

"This place really is a whole new world! There's nothing that doesn't exist! What sort of work will I be doing tomorrow?"


Novice shooter


体力+ 精神+ 移動速度+ 作業成功+

"Now I have a junior colleague!"


Obscure feeling


体力+ 精神+ 移動速度+ 作業成功+

"It's odd. I was supposed to meet someone today, but I can't remember."




移動速度+ 作業速度+ 攻撃回避-

"If you work like that you may get battered by an Abnormality!"




体力- エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-

"This employee starved for a week just for work"


Party animal


体力+ エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+

"After enduring risky work, a hot party is the place to be."


Passive type


精神+ 作業速度- 攻撃回避+

"Excuse me, manager, should I go this way?"




体力+ 精神- 作業速度- 攻撃回避+

"I like patient employees because...hehe..."




精神+ 移動速度+ 作業速度- 攻撃回避+

"Kids these days don't try hard enough!"




体力+ 精神+ エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-

"Isn't it hard to live so stupidly?"


Pursuit of


体力+ 作業速度+ 攻撃回避-

"New work! Fresh work! Innovative work!"




体力+ 精神+ 作業速度- 攻撃回避+





移動速度+ エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-

"As long as the results are good, right? What more should I do......"


Roughly and


精神+ エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+

"Did you really think that working quickly and roughly could lead to success?"




精神+ エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-

"I'm fine by myself, what's the reason for another employee?"


Selfish gene


精神- 移動速度+ エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-

"It's none of my business whether or not the other employees are hurt."


Senior 体力+ 精神+ 移動速度+ 作業成功+ "What?! My senior colleague!"



作業速度- 攻撃回避+



Sl manual expert


体力+ 精神+ 移動速度+ 作業成功+

"This employee has read the legendary Sl manual."


Solitary gourmet


精神+ 作業速度- 攻撃回避+

"What's so wrong about eating alone?"




体力+ 精神+ 移動速度- エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-

"Is there a need to change?" The most annoying person in the team.




体力+ 精神+ 移動速度+ 作業成功+

"Superior person in our company!"


Tender smile


体力+ エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+

"Why do I reminiscence about that tender smile from time to time...?"


Top employee


体力+ 精神+ 作業成功+

"That's the person who came in top in the last employment exam. He/She must be really smart."




作業速度+ 攻撃回避-

"If you run around in the company, something may get you and you may vanish without a trace."




体力- エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-

"Leaving while still on the clock? Do you lack passion for the company?"


X relationship 体力- 精神+ 移動速度+ エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+ "X relationship formed between people"
Name 効果 説明


Name 効果 説明
初心者 体力+ 精神+ 移動速度+ 作業成功+ "誰だって最初は初心者。" 
私は最高だ 体力+ 精神- エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避- "私は一人で作業する。"  
即断即決 体力- 移動速度+ エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避- "何食べるかさっさと決めろよ!イライラする!" 
ムードメーカー エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+ "この人が来ると場が明るくなります。"
社内恋愛 体力-精神+  移動速度+ エネルギー収集- 攻撃回避+ "みんなには内緒だぞ。" 
Name 効果


アブノーマリティの特性 / Abnormalities Traits 編集



説明: "医師により癒された職員は祝福されます。これらの光輝く祝福は職員のステータスを高め、幸福感を与えます。

取得方法:エージェントがペスト医師 とともに望もうが強要しようが紫色の洗礼の作業を行います。エージェントがすでにBless(祝福)という特性を持っている場合、その作業を実行することはできません。 (これは良い特性になるでしょうが、もし12人の職員がこの特性を持つと、ペスト医師は白夜 に変化し、その特性を持つ職員はすべて制御不能な手下である使徒 になります。

ルドル・タの贈り物:精神 - 移動速度 - 攻撃回避+ 


取得方法:そりのルドル・タ を脱走させて、近くのエージェントのひとりにプレゼントがくっつくようにしましょう。

子羊: 体力+ 精神- 攻撃回避+ 説明: "私は狼の上に乗って、羊といっしょに鞭を打っている!"

取得方法: 大きくて悪いオオカミ に1人から3人まで職員を貪り食わなければならない。 暴力作業を彼に行ったと思われる、職員を1人から3人まで貪り食わなければならない。そしてその次の栄養作業を成功、脱走した時の鎮圧により彼らを吐き出させます。これは3名の職員を食べたときまたはもしくはその日の終わりによく発生します。彼が不機嫌になった時、もはや食べた職員を吐き出すことはないでしょう。

内なる勇気/匹夫の勇: この特性は時間とともに変化し、名前や説明も変化する、壊れゆく甲冑に暴力作業を行った回数により、ステージ1から開始します。

ステージ1: 内なる勇気. 体力+ 精神- エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避- 説明: "jeweleryが来たのちに、小さな勇気が育った."

ステージ2: 体力とエネルギー収集がバフが上昇する。(体力+ 精神- エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避-). 説明が変更: "勇気は育ち、すべてができるように思える."

ステージ3: 名前が変更: 匹夫の勇. 体力- 精神- エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避- 説明: "有り余った勇気は絶え間ない殺戮に見える."

ステージ4: 体力が減少し、エネルギー収集はより増加する. 説明が変更: "絶え間なく芽生える勇気はすぐにすべてを摘むかもしれない。"

ステージ5: 体力は大幅に減少し、エネルギー収集は大幅に増加する。 説明が変更: "絶え間なく成長している勇気は無謀をもたらし、すべてを食い尽くしました。"

取得方法: この特性を得るために職員は壊れゆく甲冑 に少なくとも3回暴力作業を行わなければなりません。より多くの暴力作業を同じアブノーマリティに行うことは特性を次の段階へ変化させます。段階はステージ5まであります。ステージ5の段階で暴力作業を行った後、同じ職員が崩れゆく甲冑に作業を行う機会があると、代わりに職員が断頭される招く可能性があります。

黄昏に耐える者: 精神+ 移動速度+ 作業速度+ エネルギー収集+ 攻撃回避+ 作業効率+ 説明: "黄昏を耐え、ついに夜明けを迎えた。 森では、鳥のさえずりは聞こえないですか?"

取得方法: 終末鳥を生き抜いたすべてのエージェント, 打ち勝った後、彼らはこの特性を得るでしょう。

These Traits only can be obtained via interactions with Abnormalities.

Bless: Health+ Mental+ Movement speed+ Work speed+ Energy gathering+ Attack avoidance+ Work success+ Desc: "Employees healed by Doctor are blessed. These incandescent blessing increases employee's status and gives them sense of happiness."

How to obtain: Perform a Violet Colored Baptism work with an agent, with Plague Doctor, willing or forced to. If an agent already have the trait Bless, it can't be choose to perform the work. (Beware, this will be a good trait but if 12 employees have the trait, Plague Doctor will transform to WhiteNight and all the employees with the trait will become Apostles, becoming uncontrollable minions.) 

Rudol-Ta's Gift: Mental- Movement speed- Attack avoidance+ Desc: "A little late, but Merry Christmas ...."

How to obtain: Let that Rudol-ta of Sled escape and that a present get stuck to one of the nearby agents.

Lamb: Health+ Mental- Attack avoidance+ Desc: "I'm riding on a wolf, doing flips and sheep!"

How to obtain: Big and Might be Bad Wolf must devour an employee(s), up to 3, who were supposed to do Violence work on him and then spit them out by performing a successful Nutrition work afterwards, by subduing him if breaching, which usually happens when he eats 3 employees; or just ending the day. If he enters in a bad state, he will no longer spit out the eaten employees.

Inspired courage/Reckless courage: The trait changes over the time, including name and description, by the amount of Violence work performed on Crumbling Armor, starting at stage 1.

Stage 1: Inspired courage. Health+ Mental- Energy gathering+ Attack avoidance- Desc: "After the jewelery came on, a little courage grew."

Stage 2: Increased Health and Energy gathering buff (Health+ Mental- Energy gathering+ Attack avoidance-). Description changes to: "The courage grows and makes everything seem possible."

Stage 3: Name changed to: Reckless courage. Health- Mental- Energy gathering+ Attack avoidance- Desc: "The overflowing courage is constantly looking to kill."

Stage 4: Health decreased more and Energy gathering increased. Description changes to: "The courage that is endlessly sprouting may soon cut everything off."

Stage 5: Health reduced greatly and Energy gathering increased greatly. Description changes to: "The ever-growing courage gave rise to recklessness and devoured everything."

How to obtain: An employee must perform at least 3 times Violence work on Crumbling Armor to obtain the trait. Performing more violence work on the same abnormality will change the trait to the next stage, until stage 5. After performing more violence works in stage 5, there's a chance that performing a work on Crumbling Armor with the same employee might lead to the employee being decapitated instead.

The One who: Mental+ Movement speed+ Work speed+ Energy gathering+ Attack avoidance+ Work success+ Desc: "They endured the twilight, and finally faced the dawn. In the forest, have the bird stopped chirping?"

How to obtain: All the agents who survived Apocalypse Bird, after being defeated, they will receive this trait.

研究 / Research 編集

主な記事: Research


Main article: Research

Research can affect employees in different ways, like the type of weapon they can use, the rate of healing in main department rooms and increase other values, like the psychological and physical gauge.

アブノーマリティの影響 / Abnormality Influence 編集

より悪い点は、エージェントがアブノーマリティ とのやりとりを行うようなアブノーマリティ達はを取ると職員にも影響を与える可能性があることです。アブノーマリティ達は、施設および職員に異常な影響を引き起こす、肉体的および/または精神的なダメージ、支配、死、変異、制御不能などを含む特殊能力を使用することができます。


Abnormalities, like how agents interact with them, they may also affect the employees, in more negative ways. Abnormalities can use their special abilities to cause different effects on the facility and in the employees, this includes dealing physical and/or psychological damage, possession, death, transformation, out of control and others more.

The most common effect of most Abnormalities is to inflict psychological damage, which once the mental gauge is depleted, the agent will enter in Panic, uncontrollable and starting to act according to the case of panic. The employees under panic can be subdued by agents, dealing damage to them and trying to return them back to normal, but in some cases, this may ending in killing the panicked employee. The different cases of Panic response are Wander, Suicide, Murder or Shutdown, at the moment.
Panic Response Wander

An agent under Panic response: Wander




Panic Response Suicide

An agent under Panic response: Suicide




Agent Panicked 2

An agent under Panic response: Murder



Panic Response Shutdown

An agent under Panic response: Shutdown


説明: "なぜそんなに深刻なの?私が気分をよくしてあげる。待ってて"1/4毎?に訪問し、アブノーマリティの気分状態を悪化させます。

シャットダウンの場合、職員は収容室の1つを破壊工作を試みます。アブノーマリティの気分をより速く減少させ、それが脱走できるのであればおそらく誘導します。 1つがやり終えると、他の場所へ移動します。




Panic response: Wander

Desc: "Where should I go? This place is hell." Overwhelmed by fear, he/she roams around the facility while screaming."

Employees who Wander just start to roam aimlessly through the facility, dealing psychological damage to nearby employees who see it.

Panic response: Suicide

Desc: "It's all my fault. I blame myself." Kills himself/herself because of overwhelming thoughts."

Under Suicide, the employee will try to kill itself, by breaking its own neck, if nobody stops it first. If other employees witness the suicide, they will suffer of strong psychological damage. 

Panic response: Murder

Desc: "So you're to blame! If it weren't for you, it wouldn't have goes this way." Attacks anyone on sight. Even if it's a colleague."

If they want to Murder, they will attack other employees in its sight.

Panic response: Shutdown

Desc: "Why so serious? I'll make you feel better. Hold on" Visits every single one of the quarters and worsens Abnormalities' mood status."

In case of Shutdown, the employee will try to sabotage one of the containment rooms, reducing faster the Abnormalities' mood and probably leading it to escape if possible. When is done with one, it will move to other.

Panic response: Panic

Desc: "Stop all actions."

Despite the redundancy, this panic response is applied to employees under possessions. Like the bewitched spell of Singing Machine.

Trivia 編集

  • すべての事務員の名前はランダムで初めの文字がギリシャ文字のアルファベットで続いて数字となります。
  • Lobotomy Corporationのティーザートレーラーでは、動画のある時点(歌う機械 のシーンの後)に、職員は施設のパニック状態が表示され始めます。 実際には、次の順番でゲームのパニック反応を表現しているようです。徘徊、自殺、シャットダウン、殺人。
  • All the clerks' names are randomized, by using first a letter of the greek alphabet and being followed by a number.
  • In the teaser trailer of Lobotomy Corporation, in some point of the video (After the scene of Singing Machine), employees start to appear under the chaos of the facility. Actually, seem like they are representing the Panic Responses of the game in the next order: Wander, Suicide, Shutdown and Murder.

Bugs 編集

  • 場合によっては、NPCを鎮圧するためにエージェントを送り、その日が終わると、職員はその作業に使用できなくなります。
  • Sometimes if you send employees to suppress a NPC and the day end, the employees will become unusable for the run.

Gallery 編集